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Drink a Beer, Save a Dog!

Rescued Dog’s mission is to promote the philosophy of rescue while supporting animal rescue groups and shelters. Together, we can change the future of dogs in need, one pint at a time. We are a grassroots movement of one, inspired by a special needs Rescued Dog named Grayce, striving to inspire others make their lives more complete by rescuing dogs in need. 100% of the proceeds from every sale of Rescued Dog products is donated to help dogs in need.

Why? Dogs bring out the best in us. And there are so many that need our help. Looking into the eyes of a dog that has just been rescued is enough to melt your heart – they truly know they have been saved. Seeing the horrific situations these dogs come from, and rise above, is perpetual inspiration for the never-ending pursuit of rescue. There is nothing greater than ensuring that one more dog will not only live, but will also have a wonderful life.

If we all do a little we can make a significant impact together. Please join our movement to promote the concept of rescue while helping dogs in need. Adopt a rescue dog. Even better, adopt a special needs rescue dog. It will be the best decision you ever make. Then, enjoy your favorite beverage in a Rescued Dog pint glass or custom etched wine glass – and know that you are making a difference!

To learn more about our partner groups, please click here.